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ICE to Sweep Jails for Illegals:  The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is developing a plan which involves working with county sheriffs across the country to identify illegals in local jails and transfer them to federal detention for deportation.  Caitlin Dickerson of the New York Times reports that the effort could lead to far more illegals being deported.  According to the Times, illegal immigration arrests have already increased by 40% since last year. While a handful of sanctuary cities are refusing to honor ICE detainers on ideological grounds, many county sheriffs, who operate 85% of the nation's jails, seem ready to cooperate.  Immigrant rights groups including the ACLU insist that such federal/state cooperation on illegal immigration is illegal.  

63 Shot in Chicago Last Weekend:   Last weekend was the second highest for shootings in Chicago this year.  Elyssa Cherney and Elvia Malagon of the Chicago Tribune report that the 63 people shot last Saturday and Sunday, fell short of the 102 shot during this year's 4th of July weekend.  Still, with only 2,435 people shot this year compared to 2,710 shot at this point last year, some may say that things are getting safer in the windy city.  There have been at least 451 homicides this year, 16 fewer than this time last year, Tribune data show.

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ICE Sweep

From the NYT article:
"The Trump administration is working with like-minded sheriffs from around
the country
on a plan to channel undocumented immigrants from local jails
into federal detention .. If it succeeds, it could vastly expand the dragnet that
has already begun to transform immigration enforcement in the United States."

Would be it that all sheriffs were "like-minded" in this arena.
Then everyone would be happy, except those who want
more people killed, raped and otherwise victimized in the USA.

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