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Proposition 66 Upheld

Prop66.jpgThe California Supreme Court today upheld the death penalty reform initiative, Proposition 66, rejecting the attacks on the initiative nearly across the board.  The court was unanimous in rejecting the attacks that would have invalidated the initiative in its entirely.  It divided 5-2 on the interpretation of the five-year limit and on the provision that allows superior court decisions in habeas corpus cases to be appealed to the intermediate courts of appeal rather than the state supreme court.

The case is Briggs v. Brown, S238309.

CJLF has this press release.

We have press coverage from Maura Dolan in the L.A. Times; Cheryl Miller in The Recorder; Sudhin Thanawala and Brian Melley for AP.

KOVR, CBS-13 in Sacramento has this report with me and archival footage of opponent Ron Briggs.


Others (including me) talk. Kent and CJLF act. Congratulations.

You are 100% right. CJLF has saved the lives of innocent people.


While my praise is hardly worth much, I am continually impressed with the high quality advocacy of CJLF and Mr. Scheidegger. Especially in federal habeas litigation before the Supreme Court.

I had the privilege of watching the oral argument of all the advocates (on video)
for Prop 66 and Mr. Scheidegger was by far the best. Congratulations.

By any sane reckoning, Kent is at DOJ in the SG's Office. No better expert in the country on habeas or the DP. And has the dignity, sobriety, learning and honor that will make him a hit with the Justices.

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