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Take A Stand Against Hate By Beating Someone Up

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Far-leftists in Berkeley, California demonstrated once again this weekend how strongly they resemble the fascists they claim to oppose. James Queally, Paige St. John, Benjamin Oreskes and David Zahniser have this article in the L.A. Times.

Thousands of demonstrators carrying signs with slogans like "Stand Against Hate" descended on Berkeley's Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Park on Sunday for what many hoped would be a peaceful march against bigotry and President Trump.

But it was soon punctuated by tear gas and a scattering of violent skirmishes. Some anti-fascist protesters, wearing black and with their faces covered, chased or beat Trump supporters and organizers who had scheduled and then canceled the "anti-Marxist" rally, citing concerns over safety.
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In Berkeley, the demonstration of more than 4,000 people pulled heavily from area labor unions, church groups and liberal activists -- but also scores of young people clad in all black, some carrying shields and others with bandannas pulled over their faces.

Those activists are sometimes referred to as "antifa," a name taken by anti-fascist organizations formed to oppose white nationalists. They are known for their "punch a Nazi" bent.
There are two problems with "punch a Nazi."  First, even swastika-bedecked scum are entitled to express their repugnant beliefs as long as they do so peacefully.  Second, the person punched may not actually be a Nazi.  Say one of the "antifa" crowd takes it upon himself to decide who is a "hater" and act as legislator, judge, jury, and executioner to deliver the punishment he deems appropriate for what he deems to be an offense.  How is he any better or any less of a "hater" than those he opposes?  Obviously, he isn't.
The counter-demonstrators were in the city to protest the "Say No to Marxism in America" rally, police said. Several who were expected to speak at the event have been linked to white nationalist sentiments or violence in the past.
But that does not by any stretch mean that everyone there was a "white nationalist."  The set of people opposed to Marxism includes everyone with sense, along with some without it.

Anti-fascist protesters also beat one person wearing an American flag. Some threatened to break the cameras of anyone who filmed them, including journalists. Others set off purple smoke bombs.
On a compass dial, direction is indicated by numbers ranging from 0 to 360.  But 0 and 360, the opposite ends of the number range, are not opposite directions; they are the same direction.  The opposite direction is in the middle of the number range, 180.  So it is in politics.  "Extreme right" and "extreme left" are not opposites; they are nearly indistinguishable.  Persons of sense should denounce them with the same vigor.  Their anti-freedom activities, including violent denial of the free speech rights of others, need to be exposed in the press with the same diligence.

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The other problem--if the cops ignore these actions, then legitimize self-defense actions on the part of those being beaten. And that's a recipe for the Weimar Republic street brawling that occurred in Germany.

One of the more underreported stories is Tim Kaine's son engaging in this sort of behavior. We live in a society where people have the right to defend themselves, and many people carry guns for self-protection. Things could get really ugly.

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