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Ohio Murderer's Death Sentence Upheld:   The Ohio Supreme Court voted 6-1 Wednesday to uphold the conviction and death sentence of habitual felon David Martin, who killed a man and severely wounded a woman during a robbery.  Guy Vogrin of the Tribune Chronicle reports that a jury convicted Martin on September 11, 2014 of the robbery, murder and attempted murder committed two years earlier.  The court's decision describes how Martin, a low level drug dealer, visited the apartment of Jeremy Cole, 21 and Melissa Putnam, 27, on September 27, 2012.  During the visit, Martin pulled a gun and had Putnam tie up Cole and herself.  After a fruitless effort to get  money and car keys from Cole, Martin shot him in the head, then shot Putnam.  Putnam raised her hand just before the shooting deflecting the bullet which struck her in the neck.  Martin's defense attorney argued that his incriminating statements to police should have been excluded, and that his troubled childhood should have been given more weight at sentencing.  The court rejected these claims.  One justice, with longstanding opposition to the death penalty, voted against the sentence.     

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"O’NEILL, J., concurs in part and dissents in part, for the reasons set forth
in his dissenting opinion in State v. Wogenstahl, 134 Ohio St.3d 1437."

Having family history in Ohio, Judge O'Neill, a true paragon of partiality,
really disgusts me.
The sole dissent is from a justice who should recuse himself from every death penalty case, since he opposes every death penalty sentence categorically
on (im)moral grounds. How is he not impeached or at least forced to recuse?

He is irreperably biased, so that impartial justice is impossible with him,
yet he contributes to such decisions as an activist rather than jurist.
O'NEILL, J., dissents.
O'NEILL, J., dissenting.
{¶ 1} "I would deny the state's motion to set an execution date, and I therefore dissent from the order issued by this court. If there exists a case that is appropriate for the imposition of the death sentence, this case clearly qualifies. ..

{¶ 2} "Without expressing an opinion as to appellant's guilt or innocence, however, I would hold that capital punishment violates the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the US and Article I, Section 9 of the Ohio Constitution. The death penalty is inherently both cruel and unusual and therefore is unconstitutional.

{¶ 3} "Capital punishment dates back to the days when decapitations, hangings, and brandings were also the norm. Surely, our society has evolved since those barbaric days. The United States is one of just a few civilized countries that still permit
state executions.

Guilt is not relevant, but Mexican public opinion is.
Machiavellian perverter of justice.
He plagues Ohio.

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