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News Scan

Illegal Immigrant Charged in San Francisco Murder:  An illegal immigrant, enjoying sanctuary in San Francisco, has been charged with the robbery/murder of a 23-year-old man in the Mission District on August 15.  NBC Bay Area reports that Erick Garcia-Pineda was one of three men charged with the crime, which involved shooting the victim with a stolen handgun.  At the time of the murder, Garcia-Pineda was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet, which placed him at the scene.  Garcia-Pineda was linked to the murder after his arrest later that day for the assault and battery of another victim.  During the investigation of that crime, a stolen handgun believed to be the murder weapon was seized.  Fox News reports that the .38 caliber Smith & Wesson was stolen by Garcia-Pineda and co-defendant Jesus Perez-Araujo from a police officer's car four days before the murder. San Francisco is one of several dozen "sanctuary cities" which refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement.  The city is currently suing the Department of Justice for announcing that it will cut off grant funds to sanctuary cities.

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