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Sanctuary State Bill Awaits Brown's Signature:  SB54, the "sanctuary state" bill introduced by Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin De Leon has passed both houses of the California Legislature on a straight party line vote and is on Governor Jerry Brown's desk awaiting signature.  Jazmine Ulloa of the Los Angeles Times reports that the bill was drastically scaled back in order to assure the Governor's support.  The original bill would have prohibited state law enforcement from using any resources to cooperate with federal law enforcement regarding illegals in state custody unless they had violent or serious criminal convictions.  The amendments allow federal agents access to jails to question illegals and permits state law enforcement to share information and transfer arrestees to federal law enforcement if they have been convicted of one of 800 crimes.  While the state Police Chiefs Association changed its position to neutral after the amendments, the County Sheriffs remain opposed. 

NY Sheriff Ignores Cuomo's Immigration Order:  The Sheriff in Erie County New York has told his deputies to ignore Governor Andrew Cuomo's recent order to state law enforcement on immigration.  Fox News reports that following Cuomo's order prohibiting state law enforcement officers from inquiring about or disclosing a person's immigration status to federal authorities, Sheriff Timothy Howard called it an effort to score  "cheap political points" and instructed his deputies to ignore it.  Cuomo's lawyer fired back that the Governor's order only involved state police.  The Sheriff responded that Cuomo's order was causing confusion among his deputies, which he felt should be resolved before the weekend.  Cuomo, who is considering a run for President in 2020, said he signed the order "as Washington squabbles over rolling back sensible immigration policy."  

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