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CA Governor's Get Out of Jail Free Approach:  Citing several measures supported by Governor Jerry Brown which have reduced consequences for criminals in California, Michelle Hanisee, head of the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys, has targeted the Governor as an advocate for criminals.  In a post this morning for the ADDA Hanisee notes that the Governor's behavior makes it clear that "he wants convicted criminals to serve as little time as possible."  After pooling $10 million  with George Soros to fool state voters into passing Prop. 57, which shortens sentences and gives the Parole Board authority to ignore enhancements, Brown signed AB 620, which allows criminals who use guns in crimes to avoid an increased sentence, and vetoed AB 1408, a modest bill passed unanimously by the Legislature to restore some consequences for repeat offenders.    

Soros Gives $18 Billion to His Foundation:  One of the biggest advocates for "sentencing reform" (read: reduced sentences) is New York hedge-fund billionaire George Soros.  Through his Open Society Foundation and a network of smaller non-profits spread across the country, Soros has channeled millions of dollars to campaigns removing tough on crime District Attorneys and Sheriffs and groups advocating for open borders and reduced sentences.  Juliet Chung and Anupreeta Das of the Wall Street Journal report that the Foundation's budget for 2017 set aside just under $90 million for "Justice Reform," but also put another $268 million into spending categories like Human Rights, Equality and Democratic Practice, which would allow for funding of campaigns for District Attorneys, Sheriffs and Attorneys General, and support for Black Lives Matter the ACLU and other anti-law enforcement causes.   It should be noted that weeks after millions in Soros dollars helped pass California's Proposition 47, which converted several common felonies into misdemeanors, the Open Society Foundation made a $50 million contribution to the ACLU to bolster its advocacy for sentencing reform nationally.    

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