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Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Attempted Murder:  An MS-13 gang member, previously deported from the U.S., has been arrested in Colorado for attempting to murder a woman.  Fox News reports that Angel Ramos was arrested in Fort Collins last Friday after a one-week manhunt.  On November 4, Ramos allegedly stabbed his girlfriend with a screwdriver while they were in her car.  After the victim jumped from the car, Ramos drove over her leg and then attempted to put her in the trunk before fleeing.  Tom McGhee of the Denver Post reports that local law enforcement confirmed Ramos is a member of the notorious MS-13 street gang and is wanted for murder in El Salvador.  He has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and several other crimes.

Murderer With Memory Loss Faces Execution:  An Alabama man sentenced to death 32 years ago can be executed even though he is suffering memory loss.  In 1985 Vernon Madison crept up behind Officer Julius Schulte and shot him twice in the head at close range.  Last year, the Eleventh Circuit ruled that Madison's memory loss as a result of strokes he suffered while in prison made him ineligible for execution.  Richard Wolf of USA Today reports that the U.S. Supreme Court's November 6 per curiam decision in Dunn v. Madison reversed the lower court's ruling, holding that while Madison may not remember the details of the murder, the fact that he has a rational understanding that he was convicted and sentenced to death for the crime is distinguishable from the Eleventh Circuit's finding that Madison "does not rationally understand the connection between his crime and his execution."  In a concurring opinion, Justice Breyer repeated his concern that the death penalty might be unconstitutional.

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Murderer With Memory Loss Faces Execution: "Breyer wrote separately to repeat his concerns, first aired in a 2015 case, that the death penalty may be unconstitutional."

2015: "Rather than try to patch up the death penalty’s legal wounds one at a time, I would ask for full briefing on a more basic question: whether the death penalty violates the constitution.”

Talk about memory loss, has he forgotten the clearly constitutional history of the death penalty?

1. "Death Penalty Used in All 13 US Colonies at Outbreak of American Revolution"; G. Washington ordered executions during the Revolution.

2. One of 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence is known to have not favoured the penalty (B. Rush).

3. The "First US Congress Establishes Federal Death Penalty" on April 30, 1790, (In 1787 the 5th and 14th Amendments recognizing it with due process).

4. "The first federal execution was on June 25, 1790," {Wasting little time, as RI had been the last state to ratify the Constitution on May 29, 1790).

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