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Ohio Embraces Sentencing Reform:  The Ohio Legislature has passed a sentencing reform measure, the Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison (TCAP) law, to reduce the state prison population and leave non-violent offenders in the community for rehabilitation.  Josh Sweigart of the Dayton Daily News reports that the TCAP prevents low-level felons from being sentenced to prison in the state's 10 largest counties.  The bill's supporters point to over 4,000 prison inmates who would have qualified for county jail, probation and services last year, rather than time in state prison.  Under the new law, counties can receive grants to increase probation staff and services for offenders.  Law enforcement officials are not buying the happy talk.  Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones called TCAP and "unfunded mandate that's coming our way and it's going to shove felons down our throats.  We're going to have to start pushing people out of jail to make room for these people, who should be in prison."   California did this seven years ago and crime has been increasing significantly, particularly violent crime.  Most county jails are overcrowded, and state grants to counties are not coming close to covering the costs.  After releasing over 30,000 felons from prison California's prison budget has increased by $1.7 billion. 

Baltimore Cop Gunned Down:  A 18-year veteran of the Baltimore police department was shot and killed Thursday.  Elizabeth Zwirz of Fox News reports that detective Sean Suiter was investigating a murder when he approached a man behaving suspiciously.  The suspect shot the detective in the head and ran off, triggering a citywide manhunt.  The officer was the married father of five children.  His death marks the 300th homicide this year in the city of 620,000, an effective rate of over 48 homicides per 100,000. 

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re: Classy Ohio Supreme Court Justice O'Neill reaches out to support Al Franken.

BBC 11.17.17

State Supreme Court Judge Bill O'Neill, who is a Democratic candidate for state Governor, made the claim on Facebook on Friday afternoon:
[this] top judge boasted of having been
"sexually intimate" with
"approximately 50 very attractive females".

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