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Habitual Criminal Charged With Murder:  A habitual felon given early parole in 2016 has been charged with murdering two people in Iowa City.   Associated Press writer Ryan Foley reports that Curtis Cortez Jones was granted early parole in March 2016 after serving 11 years of a 40-year armed robbery sentence.  A month after his release he was returned to prison for stealing a credit card.  Despite being assessed as high risk for committing additional crimes, the state parole board released him again.  On April 22, 2017 police believe Jones robbed and murdered 34-year-old Jonathan Wieseler. Two months later Jones is believed to have robbed and murdered Ricky Little, a 46-year-old cab driver.  Last Summer the Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison into law.  The measure's objective is to reduce the state's prison population by leaving so-called low level felons in communities.    

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Could some constituent in Iowa strike fear of removal into the hearts of the State Parole Board?

I cannot find how these appointed ones may be removed.

A more hapless troupe of monkeys has not the world known,
aside from the NY State Board of Parole.

Blood on your hands, cretins, blood of two innocents on your hands.

Welcome to the Iowa Board of Parole

MISSION STATEMENT: To enhance overall public safety by making evidence-based and informed parole decisions ...

The chairperson and vice-chair are full-time salaried members of the Board.
The other three members are on a per diem basis. The Board members are appointed by the Governor ...

~ http://www.bop.state.ia.us/

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