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Advocates for Clemons prolonged family's pain

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Larry Blandino of O'Fallon, Missouri has this letter to the editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Regarding the editorial "Clemons folds" (Dec. 20):

Now that Reginald Clemons has finally admitted his guilt in the 1991 rape and murder of Julie and Robin Kerry, I think a sincere apology should be forthcoming from the ACLU, Amnesty International, actor Danny Glover and anyone else who claimed the innocence of Clemons. Because of their arrogance, the pro-Clemons advocates prolonged the pain of the surviving family members. How shameful.

It takes strength to admit to one's folly. It takes empathy to issue a sincere apology. I hope the pro-Clemons supporters can swallow their pride and discover these admirable traits very quickly. Perhaps, the old Chain of Rocks Bridge can be viewed not as a bridge too far, but as a bridge that can somehow lead to the start of family and community healing.
See Wednesday's post on this case for the background.

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Dozens of advocates for Roger Keith Coleman spent years claiming that he was innocent, and had been executed because of a combination of dishonest investigators, thuggish prosecutors, a morally tone deaf jury, and a politically ambitious judge, all of whose souls would roast in hell.

When Coleman was proved guilty by DNA evidence, exactly one of his backers apologized. The others kept right on keepin' on.

If anyone is curious about why I sometimes get impatient with the arrogance and self-righteousness of our corespondents on the other side, you can start with the Coleman case.

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