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Client Uber Alles a/k/a Women Have It Coming

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The criminal defense bar continues to amaze.

Readers will recall Brock Turner's submission at sentencing  --  the letter that called his defilement of a defenseless (because drunk) woman "20 minutes of action." 

Not content with the scandalously low sentence he received after this "argument," he has appealed his conviction:

In his appeal, Turner argued that contrary to what Deputy District Attorney Alaleh Kianerci repeatedly told jurors, the sexual assault happened near a three-sided trash bin, but not behind it, according to the Mercury News. Saying the assault happened behind the dumpster is "prejudicial" and implied that Turner was trying to hide what he was doing.

Not mentioned in counsel's appeal is that little Brock attempted to run away when spotted.

In response to the anticipated question of "What do you expect the defense to do?" my answer is, "Develop a sense of decency."  But perhaps the more realistic answer, given the Almighty Fee, is, "This is the attitude we should expect from the same bunch who write non-disclosure agreements to silence the women their clients have raped."

Anyone still wondering why lawyers have the reputation they do?

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Can the state simply concede the appeal so they get a new trial (and thus new [longer] sentencing)?


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