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Wisconsin Seeks Drug Testing For Food Stamps:  In a move guaranteed to spark multiple lawsuits, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is moving ahead with a rule change requiring able-bodied applicants for food stamps to first submit to a drug test.  Scott Bauer of the Associated Press reports that the state legislature had approved the change two years ago, but it was not implemented due to a 2014 federal court ruling blocking a similar requirement in Florida.  Under the Governor's plan, those who failed the drug test would be eligible for a state-funded drug rehab program.  Last year, Walker and 10 other governors asked the Obama Administration to permission to drug test food stamp recipients.   

1 Comment

re: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is moving ahead
.. the state legislature had approved ...

How about that? Enacting a duly passed law?

Sounds draconian, except ..
it is the will of the citizenry and is
a state government demand of people who choose to accept assistance.

Furthermore, it will help the people of Wisconsin, and not
allow peoples' charity to go toward drug injections and the like.

"That a group of people would somehow overturn
a duly constituted and passed law."
~ Pres. Obama

~ https://www.politico.com/story/2012/04/obama-scotus-

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