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Yet Another Cause Célèbre Really Did It

The tent has finally folded on the Reginald Clemons circus.  As with so many other poster boys for the anti-death-penalty crowd, he is indeed guilty.  Robert Patrick and Joel Currier report for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Reginald Clemons, who was sentenced to death for the 1991 killings of two sisters at the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge before his conviction was overturned in 2015, pleaded guilty to murder and other charges Monday in exchange for multiple sentences of life in prison.

Clemons, 46, pleaded guilty to five counts in all: two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of rape and one count of first-degree robbery.

Clemons admitted that he and three others met Julie Kerry, 20, and Robin Kerry, 19, and their cousin on the closed bridge late on the night of April 4, 1991.

They robbed the cousin, Thomas Cummins, of cash and a watch, Assistant Attorney General Gregory Goodwin said in court. They then raped the Kerry sisters, forced all three through a manhole and onto the substructure of the bridge and pushed the Kerrys off, he said. They forced Cummins to jump from the bridge at gunpoint, Goodwin said, but Cummins survived.
Julie Kerry's body was found three weeks later in Pemiscot County. Robin Kerry's body was never found.

DNA from Clemons and a co-defendant, Marlin Gary, indicative of sexual activity was found on pants Gray wore during the crime, the plea says.

After Goodwin explained what prosecutors would have proven had the case gone to trial, St. Louis Circuit Judge Rex Burlison turned to Clemons and asked, "Is what the state said true?"

"Yes, your honor," Clemons responded.

In exchange for his guilty pleas, Clemons was immediately sentenced to five consecutive life prison sentences. In Missouri, life means 30 years. The prison terms are also consecutive to a 15-year sentence Clemons received after being convicted of attacking a prison employee.

Ginny Kerry, the mother of Julie and Robin, watched Monday's plea, as did Clemons' relatives.

Outside the courtroom, Ginny Kerry said, "It's been 26 years. I'm glad it's over. And I'm glad he's finally admitted his guilt. I'm tired of all the lies."

The Post-Dispatch notes in an editorial today:

Over the years, he repeatedly denied any role in the killings and rapes. Handsome and eloquent, he attracted an international group of supporters, including the ACLU and Amnesty International, which sold green "Justice for Reggie" T-shirts.


How legitimate is this description?

The late Nels Moss, the assistant circuit attorney who prosecuted him in 1993 .. was repeatedly allowed to inflame the jury.

-~-The wheels of justice turn slowly in the blue-state swamp ...

-~- [and] One of the sad things herein is the defense attorney is right, but how on earth can someone be convicted of murdering 2 women in separate killings --
hiding one with arson -- and be able to be "potentially" released? -~-

Edward Mero guilty of killing two women
By Robert Gavin || timesunion.com || December 19, 2017

ALBANY – Jurors convicted ex-Albany City Water worker Edward "Ted" Mero
on Tuesday of murdering two women in mysterious deaths he tried to cover
up in a fire and in the remote woods of Coeymans.

Mero, 30, faces 50 years to life in prison when sentenced Feb 13 for the murders
of Megan Cunningham and Shelby Countermine, both 23.

"For 162 days she was missing and for 21 days we sat in that courtroom with the man who took her from us," [Lori Dean, mother of Countermine] said, crying.

Mero's attorney, Cheryl Coleman, said her client appeared stoic when the verdict was read.

"You just got convicted on two crimes that could potentially, basically take you
out of society for the rest of your life so I think there's a lot of shock involved on everyone's part there," she said.

-~- Yeah, but no remorse. -~-

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