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California Execution Protocol

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation announced a new execution protocol yesterday.  Although Proposition 66 expressly made the Administrative Procedure Act inapplicable, CDCR has chosen to send the protocol to the Office of Administrative Law for publication under an optional procedure.

Maura Dolan has this post at the L.A. Times web site.


Given that we are now almost 15 months from when California's called for quicker executions, can anyone reasonably guess when there will be a serious execution date in the state?

In keeping with their stunning level of incompetence CDCR has included in the regs items not covered by the Prop 66 APA exception, so there will likely be more litigation.

So no likely/possible executions in 2018?

I would say definitely not likely.

There would be more litigation in any event, because experience shows that there is no penalty for filing frivolous motions in death penalty cases.

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