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Migrants Causing Crime Spike in Germany:  A government-funded study in Germany has found that the influx of mostly young male migrants has lead to the recently reported increase in violent crime.  Riham Akusaa of Reuters reports that the study, led by prominent criminologist Christian Pfeiffer, concluded that 92% of the 10.4% increase in violent crime between 2015 and 2016 can be attributed to the increase in refugees, specifically the predominantly young male majority of refugees living in Germany without partners, mothers, sisters, or other females.  Migration will be a key issue in forthcoming coalition talks between Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD). The arrival of more than a million migrants since mid-2015 hurt both parties in last September's election.

Illegal Sex Offender Caught at Border:  A Mexican citizen deported after being incarcerated for the sexual assault of a minor was caught last week attempting to reenter the U.S.  KABC reports that Javier Reyes-Gomez was arrested by border patrol agents at Ocotillo, California.  The Border Patrol told reporters that Reyes-Gomez will be prosecuted for illegal entry and sent to prison if convicted.

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~ Thick as mole poblano with irony

The 'Donald Trump of Oaxaca' is getting tough on illegal immigrants
inside Mexico

Levi Bridges, PRI's The World | Dec. 31, 2017

Leobardo Ramos ran for municipal president promising to clean up Chahuites by getting migrants, mostly from Central America, out of town.
His campaign promises earned Ramos a new title: They’ve taken to calling him
the Donald Trump of Oaxaca.

2017 is currently on track to become the most violent year in Mexico since the country started recording homicide data 20 years ago.

Dead bodies have started regularly showing up in Chahuites, a small farming town with fewer than 10,000 residents. Many people here blame the rise in violent crime
on the recent arrival of Central American migrants.

Leobardo Ramos burst onto the political scene in Chahuites last year with an ambitious plan to solve crime ... Ramos [now president of Chahuites] won his election in a landslide, garnering more than 50% of the vote. Ramos says he
wants to kick migrants out of town .. [and] shut down the [migrant] shelter.

Across Mexico, residents who believe Central Americans bring crime to their communities have also tried to shut down migrant shelters in
Coatzacoalcos, Mexico City, Tapachula and Tultitlán.

“Unfortunately, Mexico has a big problem with xenophobia and racism against migrants,” said Jessica Cárdenas, a former volunteer at the Chahuites shelter. Before the new municipal president was elected, Cárdenas described
Chahuites as a sort of sanctuary city for migrants; now the Oaxacan
has put an end to that

Even after the shelter’s closure, many locals in Chahuites are on edge. People who live on the dirt road near the old migrant shelter say they’ve gotten ferocious guard dogs or put stronger locks on their doors to protect themselves from migrants.
María López, one of the neighbors who rallied to close the shelter, says
migrants are nothing but trouble.

“I was afraid just to go to the bathroom,” López said, pointing to a small shack with
a toilet outside her small house. “What if one of them gets inside our house while
I’m in the bathroom, kills my husband and robs us?”

López, for her part, said she doesn’t understand how migrants could just up and leave their families behind — she believes Central America just sends its
worst people
to Mexico.

And yet, López also has a son who went north and lives as an undocumented immigrant in Texas. López says her son in Houston isn’t a criminal — he’s
different from the Central American migrants in Mexico. “I tell my son to
keep his nose clean .. and not to be like the migrants who come
López said.

~ http://www.businessinsider.com/leobardo-ramos-donald-trump-of-mexico-2017-12

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