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Shoplifters now more brazen due to Prop. 47

Jason Campbell reports for the Manteca Bulletin:

Proposition 47 was supposed to be a crucial component in relieving the overpopulation of California's jails and prisons and a vehicle for saving millions in costs associated with incarcerating nonviolent, non-serious criminals.

But opponents of the ballot initiative have said it has led to a sharp rise in the number of property crimes throughout the state, and tied the hands of the law enforcement community in providing a deterrent against the sort of quality-of-life crimes that impact everyday citizens.

And it doesn't look like the law is going to change anytime soon.

Earlier this week the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety failed to pass a bill proposed by Elk Grove Democrat Jim Cooper that would have addressed many of the concerns that have arisen since the implementation of Proposition 47.
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Manteca City Councilman Gary Singh said that he sees the impact of Proposition 47 not just on the City of Manteca as a whole, but in his business on a nearly daily basis. As the owner of a liquor store not far from Highway 99, Singh said that while people used to come in and try and hide what it was that they were stealing, they do so now in the open knowing that even if they get caught by the police not much is going to come their way in terms of repercussions.

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