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Prop 57 strikes again

I've written about juveniles and Prop 57 a few times this year.  Here I discussed the case of People v Lara, in which the California Supreme Court ruled that Prop 57 applies retroactively to all non-final cases that had been directly filed in adult court.  In that post I wrote:  "Proposition 57 is retroactive to all non-final cases.  What does this mean?  It means that the ramifications of Proposition 57 continue to get worse.  It also means that the court invited the opportunity for monsters like Daniel Marsh to seek a hearing in juvenile court because his case is 'not final.'"

Well, I was right.  On February 22nd, the California Court of Appeal, Third Appellate District conditionally reversed Daniel Marsh's 2013 double murder conviction.  He is to be returned to Yolo County and a transfer hearing will be set in the juvenile court. If, however, the juvenile court finds that Marsh is more suitable for adult court, his original conviction and sentence will be reinstated.

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