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Nevada Appeals Bizarre Execution Drug Ruling

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Ken Ritter reports for AP:

Nevada prison officials appealed Wednesday to the state Supreme Court, seeking to overrule a delay of the state's first execution in 12 years after a drug company opposed the use of its product.

The 64-page filing asks the court to lift what state attorneys call "an unprecedented temporary restraining order" that they say "put the interests of Big Pharma over the interests of Nevada's capital murder victims."

See also my previous post on this case.

The notion that a drug company could hold up justice in a murder case just because of a claim that its product's image is somehow tarnished by being used in an execution is just bizarre.  Any damage to the company is at most trivial and likely entirely imaginary.  Seriously, folks, is a doctor going to skip over the drug he would otherwise use as best suited for the procedure, the condition, and the patient and use a second-choice drug instead just because the first-choice drug was used in an execution?  A doctor who puts a political statement ahead of the patient's welfare should have his license revoked.

The minuscule-to-zero damage to the drug company does not remotely begin to outweigh the damage of further delay in already-delayed justice for a murder.

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Damnum absque injuria.

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