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Court: Generalized Information is Enough for Vehicle Stop:  In a May 6 memorandum opinion a panel of the Ninth Circuit unanimously upheld the conviction of a defendant found guilty of smuggling illegal aliens across the California/Mexico border.  MetNews reports that the decision rejected a claim by Juan Carlos Banderas-Gonzalez that his car was illegally stopped by border agents early in the morning near the border, arguing that the agents did not have enough evidence to meet the reasonable suspicion requirement needed to justify a stop.  The Court noted, "Here, experienced and well-trained Border Patrol agents who had a reason to be on alert at the time for potential vehicle alien pickup in the particular area they patrolled paid close attention to factors that collectively led them to stop Banderas-Gonzales. Those factors included, but were not limited to, the early morning hour, their perception that the car was not well suited for the area and was not recognized as belonging to someone who lived in the area; the vehicles out-of-area registration; the level of tinting in the car's back windows; and the movement down a road leading directly to a vulnerable portion of the border, returning back five to ten minutes later, then proceeding directly to the interstate highway that led to San Diego."  The Court determined that these factors were enough to establish reasonable suspicion.

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