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Serial Killer Set to Die Thursday:  A Florida man who selected gay men for his victims is scheduled to be executed Thursday.  Tony Hall of the Ledger reports that serial murderer Gary Ray Bowles savagely beat and choked six men to death over an eight month period in 1994.  Bowles who killed three men in Florida, two in Georgia and one in Maryland, was dubbed the I-95 killer during the year-long manhunt.  The murderer began his criminal career at 17, and spent eight years in prison at age 20 for sadistically torturing a woman.  "Each of the murders was brutal," said the prosecutor who secured the death sentence for Bowles.  In 1998 the Florida Supreme Court overturned his death sentence because the prosecutor improperly introduced Bowles' hatred of homosexuals during the sentencing hearing.  Nine months later a new jury unanimously re-sentenced him to death.  According to the reporter "Holding the opposing view (of the death penalty) may become more difficult when it is argued on the behalf of an unrepentant serial murderer like Bowles..."

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