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No Longer "The Newspaper of Record"

There was a time years ago when the New York Times was considered America's newspaper of record.  In 1897 Times owner Adolph S. Ochs coined the phrase "All the News That's Fit to Print,"  which still appears on the masthead today.  The key word here is "News," which was something that legitimate newspapers used to be committed to reporting accurately.  A paper's position on issues were expressed on the editorial page, but the news stories in the rest of a paper were supposed to include all relevant facts so that readers could learn what actually happened.  News editors at the major papers drilled cub reporters on the basics of covering a story, and leaving facts out was a cardinal sin.  So much for history.  Today, and for at least the last two decades, the New York Times has jumped the guardrails and become an advocate for all the popular liberal narratives.  Objective reporting can no longer be assumed on issues such as crime, business, science, education, foreign affairs and even the weather.  The reporting on crime provides multiple examples of an obvious unwillingness to just report the facts.  The "police are racist" narrative was pushed mercilessly by the Times on big stories such as the shootings of Michael Brown in Ferguson,Trayvon Martin in Florida, and the arrest of Freddie Grey in Baltimore, but even stories on the smaller cases are often grossly inaccurate.  Ann Coulter has this piece on the NYT coverage of the shooting of Antwon Rose II by a Pittsburgh police officer in 2018.  Times reporter Adeel Hassan's story on jury's verdict to acquit the officer left out almost all of the legally relevant facts in order to paint a false picture of the incident.  Nobody reading the story would have had an accurate understanding of what actually happened.  As intended.       

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