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Thoughts on Mass Incarceration

The claim that America over incarcerates has been a mantra for progressives since the 1960s.  The term "incarceration nation" came into fashion around the turn of the century as "three strikes" style sentencing laws were filling state prisons with habitual felons.  While there have been multiple studies disproving the "standard story" that U.S. prisons are filled with low level drug users of color swept up by overly harsh sentencing laws, progressive politicians and the major media have continued to advance the narrative for political reasons. The result has been that more than a few states, and even Congress, have enacted laws to cure a systemic injustice that arguably does not exist.  To address the larger question, The Federalist Society Review is publishing a point-counterpoint discussion on mass incarceration featuring Fordham University Law Professor John Pfaff, author of Locked In: The True Causes of Mass Incarceration--and How to Achieve Real Reform, and Kent Scheidegger, Legal Director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation.  

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