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Armed Gardeners?

We've all heard of armed guards, but armed gardeners? Wes Venteicher reports for the SacBee:

Capitol groundskeepers who have been attacked by homeless people recently may carry pepper spray, but the state won't yet pay for it, according to a letter the California Department of General Services sent to the workers' union.

The department said in a letter to the union that it has "yet to determine" whether it will provide pepper spray, along with training, as the union requested last month.

The International Union of Operating Engineers made the request in a grievance it filed with the department after reports that homeless people had attacked up to five groundskeepers in separate incidents.
So now the people tending the rose bushes in the shadow of the copper dome have to keep looking over their shoulders and keep one hand on the pepper spray. This is the consequence of excessive tolerance of petty crime. Wilson and Kelling got it right years ago, and it's still true.

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