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Briefs in Boise Homeless Camping Case

The fight over Boise's anti-camping ordinance as applied to homeless persons is now before the Supreme Court as City of Boise v. Martin, No. 19-247. Prior posts on this case are here and here. The case is in the "petition stage," meaning that Boise has requested that the high court accept the case for full briefing and argument, but that request has not yet been acted upon.

Twenty friend-of-the-court briefs have been filed, including one by CJLF. As a public service, we have compiled the summaries of argument of the briefs and consolidated them into a single document.

The amici are a diverse group. Boise is supported not only by law enforcement groups and conservative organizations and government entities but also by organizations serving the homeless and by localities with quite left-of-center governing bodies, including the City of Los Angeles.

The respondents' brief in opposition to the petition is due October 25.


The compilation of summaries is very helpful--thank you.

I have followed this case with a great deal of interest. For over 10 years, I have volunteered for an organization that helps homeless youth and young adults in a city full of encampments. Allowing people to live in filth and squalor is profoundly inhumane; declaring that they have a constitutional right to live in those conditions on public property is profoundly ridiculous.

Agreed. One of the reasons that roads paved with good intentions so often lead to hell is that the pavers are following wrong signposts. Dogmatic insistence that homelessness is solely an economic problem leads us in the wrong direction, to the detriment of all concerned.

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