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Off for a Few Days

I will be posting few if any entries or responses for the next three days or so, as my wife and I pack up our winter home, take a long flight to the mainland, and prepare to re-open our home in the DC suburbs.  With Kent in charge, as ever, I think the blog will do just fine.

Newspaper Paywalls

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On this blog, we link a lot to newspaper stories.  Alas, the golden age of free access to newspapers via the internet is drawing to a close.  One by one, the newspapers are putting their content behind paywalls.

Banned in Lexington

It seems that the Commonwealth's Attorney in Fayette County, Kentucky, Ray Larson, has taken some heat for posting some of our stuff and has taken the repost down.
Some readers have told me by email that they tried to register at ABA Journal to vote for their favorite blog (which I hope and presume was this one) but were told that their registration was suspected spam and was discarded.  After several email exchanges with the editors, that problem appears to be fixed.

So here is the link again.  Of course I wouldn't be so crass as to ask you to ... sure I would!  Vote for C&C!

ABA Journal Blawg 100

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The ABA Journal has its annual list of the 100 best law blogs.  You can register and vote for your favorites.


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The blog may be unavailable or unresponsive at times late at night and early in the morning this week, as our host does system maintenance.  Outages are not expected to last more than 45 minutes.  Potentially affected hours are midnight - 5 a.m. EST (9 p.m. - 2 a.m. PST).

Joshua Crawford blogging at C&C

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We welcome to the blog Joshua Crawford, third-year law student at Suffolk University, who is interning at CJLF this summer. His first post is here.

Congratulations to C&C

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I never know how much stock to put in surveys like this, but this one has C&C as the top-rated pro-prosecution blog.

No fair saying that, since the profession is dominated by defense lawyers, there's not much competition.  I have been shocked by the number and the high station of people who tell me they read C&C.

Congratulations to Mike Rushford and Kent, whose analytical abilities and fair-mindedness equal the best you see in Supreme Court practice.

Comment on Comments, Restated

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Checking back, it seems it's been over two years since we stated our policies on comments.  They are, for the most part, listed in this post from September 2011 and have mostly not changed.

I have backed off a bit on "trusting" commenters who sign in with methods that do not provide a recognizable user name.  We do prefer that such commenters "sign" their comments in the text with a recognizable handle.

One thing I did not mention in that post, which should be too obvious to need mention, is that we don't appreciate profanity here and reserve the discretion to not publish or to delete comments containing it.  That is not to say there are "forbidden words" that can never be used in any context.  Sometimes it is appropriate, perhaps quoting the perpetrator while discussing a crime.  Hopefully everyone commenting here has enough sense to distinguish those rare and limited exceptions from the general rule that you don't use profanity in a public forum.

Under Construction

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We are doing some upgrades to the blog.  There may be a few glitches along the way.

ABA Journal Blawg 100

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The ABAJ is out with its annual law-blog ("blawg") list, and we are pleased to see that C&C is on it again.  This year, our blog blurb is a quote from a C&C reader:

"For a prosecutor or anyone else who believes that people are responsible for their own actions and that justice for victims is at least as important as mercy for criminals, this blog serves up the good news." --Dennis J. Skayhan, Berks County (Pa.) District Attorney's Office
Thanks, Mr. Skayhan.  Glad you like it.

As usual, readers can vote for their favorite blog by category.  (Registration is required and has to be renewed annually.  But it's free and easy.)  There are seven criminal law blogs, of which five are defense-oriented.

ABA Journal Blawg 100 Nominations

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Tomorrow is the due date for nominations for the ABA Journal's "annual list of the 100 best legal blogs."  These kinds of internet surveys don't actually mean much, but they're fun, so nominate your favorite law blog here.

ABAJ Blawg 100

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The ABA Journal is out with its 5th annual list of the best 100 law blogs.  C&C is once again on the list.

You can vote for your favorite blog here through December 30.  (Registration required.)

Thank You

This will mark my final post as a C&C blog author, as I have accepted a position in a local District Attorney's office and will soon enter the trial court world to prosecute misdemeanors.  Before I go, I would like to thank all of our C&C readers - your contributions to the blog have made my experience here even more enjoyable.

But this is not a final farewell.  Kent has offered to let me continue blogging here as a guest blogger, and I look forward to returning in this new role.

Thank you again.


SCOTUSblog Forum on Maples

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SCOTUSblog's new forum is operational, with its heavily moderated, use-your-real-name comments.  Today's topic is Maples v. Thomas, but the actual questions range into habeas more generally.

It's good to see another legal blog where one can discuss serious issues without putting up with the juvenile twits who have nothing substantive to add, sling insults and profanity, and call everyone who disagrees with them a Nazi.

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