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LifeZette, a new on-line magazine, is a breath of fresh air in Washington, DC. Instead of the weary, threadbare cliches from the liberal Establishment that have been driving the conversation inside the Beltway for decades, it presents a frankly conservative perspective.  

I was grateful to be able to contribute mine this morning, "Trump Can Reverse the Deadly Spike in Violent Crime."

Slain Officers' Families Oppose Prop. 57

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The family members of slain Los Angeles County sheriff's Sgt. Steve Owen and Palm Springs Officer Lesley Zerebny spoke out this week against Prop. 57, calling it a lie, a farce and a "criminal's bill of rights."

Read their remarks here.

Mac Donald v. Solomon

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In a written debate regarding what the next presidential administration's policing and criminal justice policies should be, published on on Real Clear Policy, Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald and Danyelle Solomon from the Center for American Progress face off.  This is the third part of a series on major policy ideas, from left to right.  It is worth reading.

Here is Mac Donald's piece, here is Solomon's and here are their responses to each other.

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