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Update: 4:00 pm PDT
U.S. District Judge Fernando Gaitan has halted executions in Missouri until the state changes its injection protocol, according to this AP story.

Wisconsin to Hold Referendum on Death Penalty
This November voters in Wisconsin will let its legislature know if the state should enact a death penalty law. While the vote on the legislative measure approved for the fall ballot will be advisory, it will will provide a signal to lawmakers on whether Wisconsin should join the 38 states which currently allow the death penalty for the worst murderers. Read more on the story from the Chicago Tribune here

Nevada Enacts On-Line Sex Offender Registry
Nevada has joined the over forty other states in posting a registry of convicted sex offenders available to the public. The story from the Reno-Gazette Journal is here

Study Claiming Meth Epidemic a Myth Challenged
Virginia law enforcement officials are not buying a recent report by the Sentencing Project (read Anti-Sentencing Project) which suggests that concerns about widespread methamphetimine use is misplaced. The story from the Rocktown Weekly, highlights a reality often unaccounted for by some think tanks. Read it here

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Regardless of its outcome, the Wisconsin referendum is a significant event. Contrary to what the anti death penalty crowd tries to claim, the very fact that there is enough interest and support to place such a question on the ballot in an abolitionist state like Wisconsin demonstrates that support for the death penalty remains robust and is actually growing.

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