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Brookings Death Penalty Forum


On Tuesday, September 5, the Brookings Institution will host a forum titled "What Should Be the Future of the Death Penalty?"

"Panelists will include: Congressman Dan Lungren (R-Cal.), and former California Attorney General 1991 - 1999; Ruth Friedman, director of the Federal Capital Habeas Project; Kent Scheidegger, legal director and general counsel at the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation; and Ginny Sloan, president and founder of the Constitution Project. Stuart Taylor, Jr., a nonresident senior fellow at Brookings and a writer for National Journal and Newsweek, will moderate the panel."

Live coverage on CSPAN is possible but not confirmed.


Speaking of television about the death penalty--it is rare indeed when a TV show actually has a drama about an allegedly innocent prisoner on Death Row who turns out to be actually guilty. For a change of pace in the normal predictable drama, I encourage you to watch the rerun of TNT's The Closer next Monday night at 8 pm.

It looks like Kent will be taking a plunge into the lion's den, since in its formulation of the issues, the Brookings Institution has already decided that there have been "death row exonerations" and that the citizenry "overseas" have an "abhorrence of our death penalty regime...." Where the lions are already hungry, the fate of the gladiator may be sealed. But, there may be those in the audience who will be moved by the courage of one willing to take on the fight.

I wouldn't say that. Brookings has put together a forum with a genuinely balanced panel and a moderate moderator, and I commend them for that.

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