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News Scan

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Several large American cities are suffering from rising crime this year. In Oakland, Mayor Jerry Brown, who is running for California Attorney General, is taking a carrot and stick approach according to this story by By Heather MacDonald in the Oakland Tribune.

In Washington DC, the Chief of Police has set a 10:pm curfew for juveniles, in an attempt to control crime according to a report by Robert Samuels in the Washington Post.

In Philadelphia rising crime has become the political issue in the mayor's race according to a survey reported in the Philadalphia Daily News by Catherine Lucey.

Phoenix police have arrested two men they believe are responsible for three dozen random shootings according to an ABC news report by Chris Kahn.

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Congratulations to the hard work of law enforcement of catching what appears to be the perpetrators of one set of Phoenix serial killings. Let's all hope that the Baseline killer is soon caught.

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