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Lethal Injection. Dudley Sharp has this article in Dakota Voice on the lethal injection controversy.

Border Patrol. Debra Saunders has this article in the San Francisco Chronicle on the prosecution of two Border Patrol agents for use of allegedly excessive force against a drug smuggler.

Justin Fuller is scheduled to be executed this evening in Texas by lethal injection. In April 1997 Donald Whittington III, was abducted, robbed, and murdered by Fuller and three other accomplices. The AP story is here.


In the Hill oral argument, several Supreme Court Justices strongly implied that Florida was remiss in not addressing the issues supposedly raised by the Lancet article. Seems to me that said Justices need to examine the credibility of things they cite in oral argument before criticizing a sovereign state in such a manner. Don't the states have enough problems trying to keep up with the Court's annually revised capital punishment jurisprudence without having to play whack-a-mole with every agenda-based study coming down the pike.

Fourtunately, it doesn't look like Florida was ambushed with the Lancet reference, where the briefing suggests that the Lancet article was the "new evidence" on which petitioner based his District Court claim that lethal injection was too ouchy to endure. The irony is that the lethal injection process is less painful than the prison tattoo process, although the British medical community has yet to weigh in on that hypothesis.

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