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UCR. The FBI has released the final Uniform Crime Reports for 2005. The report is here. DAG Paul McNulty's briefing to reporters is here.

Jessica's Law On November 7, California voters will decide if the state should join a national trend to crack down on sex offenders. According to a Los Angeles Times story by Jennifer Warren, if Proposition 83 (Jessica's Law) is enacted, one of its provisions would bar sex offenders from living in nearly all of San Francisco.

Ninth Circuit A Los Angeles Times story by David Savage discusses two Ninth Circuit cases authored by Judge Stephen Reinhardt, Carey v. Musladin and Ayers v. Belmontes, which will be reviewed by the Supreme Court this fall. Briefs are collected here for Belmontes and here for Musladin.

Hill Execution. Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog reports that Clarence Hill of Hill v. McDonough infame has filed a stay application with the U.S. Supreme Court, number 06-A-301. Our previous post on the case is here.

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Here's a relatively one-sided discussion of the Hill case in the NYTimes. Note how the problems with the Lancet study are not mentioned.


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