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Belmontes Argument

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The Supreme Court begins arguments for the term today with the capital case of Ayers v. Belmontes. CJLF's press release is here. Belmontes beat 19-year-old Steacy McConnell to death with a dumbbell bar in Victor, California, in 1981 just to steal her stereo. Mark Sherman of AP reports here, although more of the story is devoted to the immigration case on today's docket. CJLF's brief is here. A collection of briefs in the case is here.

Update (12:45PDT). As advertised, the Supreme Court has made the transcript available the day of the argument.

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Ginsburg's remark about the prosecutor being "schizophrenic" was disingenuous. Certainly, Justice Ginsburg knows the difference between the weight of evidence and its bare relevance. The prosecutor was saying, yes, this evidence may be considered, but that it should not be given much weight.

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