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The Supreme Court orders list today had no grants of certiorari. Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog discusses some of the civil cases denied. There does not appear to be much of interest on the criminal side. The Court formally denied the now-moot petition of the late Clarence Hill.

Cal. AG Race. Jill Stewart of the Wall Street Journal (free site) interviewed Jerry Brown and wrote this column in Saturday's WSJ. Last week the San Francisco Chronicle endorsed Brown, based solely on noncrime issues. Today Jim Zamora of the Chron has this article on Chuck Poochigian with a link to a podcast interview. The Stockton Record endorsed Poochigian: "thoughtful, articulate and level-headed, [he] will better fill this office's dual role of top cop and top lawyer."

The right to counsel in terrorism cases is significantly complicated by the possibility that the lawyer may be in cahoots with the terrorists and misuse attorney-client confidentiality to convey messages to and from incarcerated terrorists. The AP reports on the sentencing of attorney/carrier pigeon Lynne Stewart, who got off with a mere 28 months. Doug Berman at SL&P notes that this sentence is subject to review for "reasonableness" in the post-Booker regime and may depend on what panel of the Second Circuit gets the case.

Crime increases in multiple U.S. cities will be the focus of a new study announced by AG Alberto Gonzales in a speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police. AP story here; full text here (pt 1) and here (pt 2).

Postconviction DNA Grants. The NIJ is accepting applications from states for grants funding postconviction DNA programs. Announcement here.


The judge's commentary in the Stewart case is goofy, and reflects, I think, a wrong-headed "no harm, no foul" viewpoint. There is little doubt that this sheikh was a violent guy. Ms. Stewart had to know that she was gambling with others' lives by passing along his statements, yet she did it anyway. What she did was truly reprehensible and evil. That no one got hurt as a result does not mean that her crime was not grave.

I rarely agree with you (although I always appreciate your insightful comments on this blog and on SCOTUSblog). However, in this case I completely agree with you. Ms. Stewart went far beyond the role of zealous advocate and crossed into the realm of assisting a dangerous terrorist pass information to his followers. The fact that no one was hurt is completely ridiculous.

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