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Cal. AG Race. The San Francisco Chronicle is having candidates seeking its endorsement debate in public rather than being interviewed in private, according to this story. Today's debate between AG candidates Chuck Poochigian and Jerry Brown will be webcast on www.cbs5.com at 2:00 p.m. Left Coast time. The recording will be available at that site afterward until election day.

Mass. Gov.. Virginia Buckingham of the Boston Herald has a column on the efforts of gubernatorial candidate Deval Patrick to obtain clemency for a brutal rapist.

Cal. Prisons. Yesterday, the Governator declared a state of emergency in California's overcrowded prisons. This authorizes him to ship prisoners out of the state on contract. He had previously called a special session of the Legislature so that it could deal with the problem, but it didn't. Jenifer Warren reports here in the LA Times.

al Qaeda. Rivkin and Casey have an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (subscription) on the perennial question of whether to treat the terrorist threat as a military issue or a law enforcement issue.

Foley. Richard Schmitt of the LA Times has this article questioning whether disgraced ex-Congressman Foley actually broke any criminal laws. Also discussed is the question of whether there should be a simple age of consent for teenagers or an age plus differential, so that teens who have consensual sex with each other are not branded as sex offenders. The latter issue came up during the oral argument in Connecticut v. Doe, with a strong hint from the high bench that Megan's Laws would be unconstitutional if they included Romeo and Juliet.

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One interesting issue about Romeo and Juliet laws are whether heterosexual sex should be favored over homosexual sex. This issue popped up in the Limon case in Kansas. Limon, an adult, had engaged in homosexual sex with a minor. Had the sex been heterosexual, Limon would have been sentenced to far less time. Limon claimed the disparity violated the constitution and eventually convinced the Kansas courts of his argument.

I think it quite clear that the states should be allowed to make that distinction. Certainly, decriminalizing certain adult/child sexual relations (i.e., Romeo & Juliet laws) should not mean that states have to extend the decriminalization to adult/child homosexual sex.

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