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News Scan


Habeas and Gitmo. John Yoo has this article in the Wall Street Journal (free site) on the Military Commissions Act, which he sees as a rebuke to the Supreme Court's decision in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld.

Landrigan. James J. Kilpatrick has this article at Town Hall on the case of Schriro v. Landrigan, pending in the Supreme Court, noted previously here. (Hat tip: Howard Bashman.)

Death Penalty Florida executed Arthur Rutherford today, 21 years after he stripped and drowned a 63-year-old widow in her bathtub. The Supreme Court rejected Rutherford's challenge the state's lethal injection process yesterday, which is bad news for Danny Rolling, the confessed murderer of five college students, scheduled to die for his crimes next week, according to a story by Nathan Crabbe in the Gainesville Sun.

Bobby Glen Wilcher, who's lethal injection challenge was also turned down by the High Court yesterday, was executed in Mississippi this morning. Wilcher was convicted of the brutal stabbing death of two women 24 years ago. The story from the Jackson Clarion Ledger by Jimmie Gates is here, and the AP story by Jack Elliott is here.

Kansas v. Marsh Rages On. Jonathan Starble of Legal Times has this article on that bitter intracourt dispute from last June in the Marsh case -- whether to add an additional "s" when forming the plural of a word that ends in "s," such as "Kansas." James Taranto at OpinionJournal.com also weighs in on this burning topic.


While I ordinarily do not find myself in agreement with Justice Souter, I am relieved that he has been vindicated in adding the " 's " to the possessive of Kansas. Some years ago I engaged in a long dispute with my secretary over whether to add a " 's " to the name of a death row appellant whose name ended with an "s". After close analysis of the available stylist books, I prevailed in adding the apostrophe. Perhaps she will now forgive me. It was one of the few battles I won in that case.

Duly noted in the ledger next to Stringer v. Black, 503 U.S. 222 (1992) (Souter, J., dissenting).

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