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News Scan

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Cal. Prop. 83. Corey Yung has more coverage on California's version of Jessica's Law, Proposition 83, at a relatively new blog, Sex Crimes. Wired News has a related article on GPS monitoring, titled "Attack of the Perv Trackers."

Death Penalty In spite of a full-court-press all Summer by local and national death penalty opponents, voters in Wisconsin passed a referendum on whether to restore the penalty in their state with 56% in favor, but the state's democrat-controlled Senate and Governor Doyle seem uninterested in obliging them according to a Capital Times story by Anita Weier.

Texas murderer Willie Shannon was put to death last night after the Supreme Court denied his request for a stay. Shannon murdered the father of two young children during a Houston carjacking in 1992. A story by Houston Chronicle reporter Rosanna Ruiz provides the details.

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Given the current climate and the state's history, it is remarkable enough that the Wisconsin referendum got on the ballot and was passed.

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