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News Scan


Paxil Defense. The AP reports that a Tampa man got off with only one year home detention and five years probation for embezzling $1.8M after claiming the Paxil made him do it.

Good Shot A Philadelphia man shot himself in the head yesterday while in the back seat of a police car with his hands cuffed behind his back. According to an Associated Press story the suspect was pulled over for a traffic violation and taken into custody after a pat down uncovered drugs. How he got a gun and shot himself while cuffed is currently anybody's guess.

Homeless Strictly adhering to the Constitutional doctrine of "you can't just ban food to people who look poor," a federal judge in Nevada has thrown out a Las Vegas ordinance which prohibits distributing free food at city parks as reported by Ken Ritter in an Associated Press story. The purpose of the ordinance was to direct vagrants to city-provided services rather than leaving them to congregate in parks waiting for food.

Lincoln and Taney. The WSJ (free site) has this book review of Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney by James F. Simon.


Re: Las Vegas parks. Judge Wormer must be relying on a "little-known codicil" to our Constitution that allows judges the right to deal with emergencies like the homeless not being able to dine in public parks.

The "Lincoln and Taney" entry is a fine example of The Federalist Society playing with all its cards face up on the table. Elsewhere, and conveniently unconnected, CJFL implies Dred Scott is not relevant today. As Michael Connelly writes:

"Finally, this may only interest me, but Crime and Consequences has a link to a book review on the new work on Lincoln and Taney. Just bought it and looking forward to it. Not that it's relevant to today's modern world or anything."

Not so: "Why Bush Opposes Dred Scott: It's code for Roe v. Wade. Watch for the marked marked cards and stacked deck.

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