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News Scan

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Juror Misconduct? A sequestered jury finds inventive ways to pass the time at a hotel. The defense is not amused. The AP reported in a story found here in the Houston Chronicle.

Trial Begins. The jurors are being selected as the trial begins for parents accused of caging adopted kids. As reported here by Fox News.

Eight Years. Woman who injected her nephew with heroin is sentenced. See the story reported on Fox News.

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The juror misconduct story is hilarious. One wonders if defense attorneys actually believe arguments such as these. "Uh yes your honor, my client has a constitutional right to have jurors behave like choirboys during sequestration." I can almost see the grandstanding: "These people have my client's freedom at stake--they were supposed to take that seriously, and instead they had food fights."

Of course, I'd be willing to bet that there are federal judges who would grant habeas on that issue.

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