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News Scan


Honoring Murder. Last April, the city of St. Denis, a suburb of Paris, named a street in honor of Pennsylvania murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal. Today, the U.S. House of Representatives, 368-31-8, passed a resolution condemning that action, reports Kimberly Hefling of AP. Officer Daniel Faulkner, then 25, was murdered Dec. 9, 1981. In the near future, the murderer will have lived longer after being sentenced to death than the victim lived his entire life. Update: Here is the roll call vote. Update2: James Taranto of the WSJ dubs the 31 the "Cop-Killer's Caucus" and notes that the incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is among them.

No, Not YourSpace. MySpace is developing technology to check its users against a database of sex offenders and delete any that match, reports Anick Jesdanun of AP.

Death Penalty Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine has postponed the execution of triple-murderer Percy Walton for a third evaluation of his mental condition according to a Washington Post story by Candace Rondeaux. As reported here last Monday, Walton has had two psychiatric evaluations since 2003, neither of which found him mentally incompetent. The most recent one was ordered by the Governor hours before Walton's execution last June. It's beginning to appear that Virginia will need to replenish its supply of mental health experts in order to satisfy the demands of this case.


I'd like to know who in their right mind would vote against condeming the city of Paris for their outragous act.

Why am I not surprised moonbat Lynn Woolsey would be one of those voting against the condemnation. Congressperson Woolsey has a soft spot for violent criminals, as she tried to get a vicious rapist leniency.

John Conyers is also a non-surprise. Conyers took up the cudgel for a vicious killer in Alabama who fled to Michigan and invoked "sanctuary".

What is it about liberals and criminals?

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