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News Scan


Hamdan Coverage. Tom Regan of the Christian Science Monitor summarizes and links to lots of coverage on yesterday's Hamdan ruling.

DP & Mental Illness. Gary Fields has this story in the Wall Street Journal on medicating the mentally ill on death row. The article features Gregory Thompson, of the Supreme Court case of Bell v. Thompson.

Root Causes. Tim Drake of National Catholic Register takes federal crime researchers to task for ignoring the role of fatherless families as a contributing cause.

Lethal Injection. The Florida execution of Angel Diaz took 34 minutes, reports Ron Word of AP. A DoC spokeswoman says Diaz was unconscious and snoring during this period.

Duke DNA. David Scott of AP reports on a defense motion in the Duke Lacrosse team rape case alleging that a DNA test by the prosecution showed multiple males' DNA but none of the team members' and that the result was not disclosed to the defense. The story doesn't say what relief the motion is requesting. Given that they do have the information months before trial, there doesn't seem to be a Brady violation here.

Booker Do-Overs. Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy has this post on the Ninth Circuit's remarkable end-run around the nonretroactivity of Booker in Carrington v. United States.

ADA meets 2A. Shannon Thompkins, outdoors columnist for the Houston Chronicle, reports on a Texas bill to authorize laser sighting devices so blind people can hunt.


It seems odd that you only quote the DOC here. Steve Hall has more information that contradicts the prison's account of the killing.

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