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Cal. Prison Reform. Gov. Schwarzenegger's office issued this press release on his prison reform proposal.

European Justice. Holocaust denier David Irving returned to England after spending 13 months in an Austrian prison, Veronika Oleksyn reports for AP. The Austrian Supreme Court upheld his conviction but converted 2/3 of his three-year sentence to probation. Our friendly opponents like to hold up Europe as the paragon of enlightenment for us to emulate. You can still get multiple years in prison there for expressing an opinion -- albeit an exceptionally vile and ignorant one -- yet stabbing a person in the back and ruining her career gets you two years, suspended.

Drug Kingpin. Francisco Javier Arellano Felix, accused of heading one of Mexico's most violent drug smuggling operations, pleaded not guilty in San Diego federal court to charges carrying a potential death penalty, reports Allison Hoffman for AP. His lawyer wants him tried in Mexico, which has no death penalty.

Sandy Berger's theft of classified documents from the National Archives and subsequent bungling are described in a report of the Archives' Inspector General, recently obtained through FOIA, Jeffrey Smith reports in the Washington Post. Former National Security Advisor Berger received a relative slap on the wrist for this serious crime: $50K and 100 hours community service.

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Let's not forget European justice for Mohamed Hamadi, the terrorist animal who hijacked a plane and tortured and killed Robert Dean Stethem, a true American hero. He served 19 years in a German prison and then was freed.

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