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Update. The Supreme Court refused to lift the stay of execution granted by the Sixth Circuit to Ohio murderer Jerome Henderson. No dissent is noted.

Most of the Supreme Court action this week is civil, including the always heated subject of race and school. The Monday orders list contained no grants of certiorari, as is usual when the Court announces grants the day of the conference, at the end of the previous week.

Justice Breyer appeared on Fox News Sunday. Transcript here.

Counsel for petitioner filed (and provided to us, thanks) a supplemental brief in Burton v. Waddington. The Washington Supreme Court issued an opinion helpful to Burton, but the main hurdle remains the jurisdictional question of federal habeas law.

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California's appeal of a Ninth Circuit habeas decision, Knowles v. Mirzayance, has been relisted. It would be nice to see another per curiam knuckle rap come from the Supreme Court.

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