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Internet Predators. In a story by Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle, Myspace is supporting a measure in Congress called the "Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2007. The measure proposed Tuesday would make it a crime for anyone 18 years or older to misrepresent their true age with the intentions to engage in sexual conduct with a minor. Critics see this as nothing more than an attempt to "window dress" the true issue. These criticisms include that only the dumbest of pedophiles would actually use their email address, (which is required to be disclosed by the Act) and that it is too easy to obtain another unknown email address, therefore the proposed law would only put a minor dent in the major issue of sexual predators who prey on innocent children via internet.

Death Penalty. According to a story In the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette by Niki Kelly, Indiana is debating a bill which would prohibit the mentally ill from receiving the death penalty. Adoption of such a law would make Indiana the first state to allow a judge to determine, in the beginning of a case, if the accused suffers from any severe mental illnesses. Critics of this bill feel that Indiana legislators do not trust their citizens to weigh the evidence to arrive at the appropriate conclusion at the sentencing hearing.

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Washington's also got bills in their Senate and House.

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