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The Truth About Clarence Thomas

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That is the title of an op-ed by Jan Crawford Greenburg in today's Wall Street Journal. Here is the opening paragraph:

Clarence Thomas has borne some of the most vitriolic personal attacks in Supreme Court history. But the persistent stereotypes about his views on the law and subordinate role on the court are equally offensive -- and demonstrably false. An extensive documentary record shows that Justice Thomas has been a significant force in shaping the direction and decisions of the court for the past 15 years

This is not news to those of us who actually follow the Court and read the opinions, but it may be news to many who simply stick to assumptions formed long ago on dubious information and never bother to check the facts.

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At a minimum, Thomas has always carried a bum rap for his silence during most oral arguments. Previous justices, such as William Brennan and William Douglas, rarely asked questions during oral argument.

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