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Weekend Notes

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Cameras in SF: Ken Garcia has column in the SF Examiner, titled "Debate over crime cameras brings out the clueless in S.F." This issue, he says, "pits the left versus the very, very left — an ideological divide that in San Francisco is far wider than most people could imagine. And it’s a gap that usually splits those who have seen or experienced crime and those who use their politics as a shield against reality." Also, "people who live in and near neighborhoods rife with prostitution, drug-dealing, robberies and frenetic gang activity desperately want surveillance cameras, and the more the better."

LA Gangs: Heather MacDonald in the LA Times takes aim at the city's ideologically skewed report on what to do about gangs. The Times editorial is less strident but also calls for a "reality check."

Ohio: Doug Berman collects coverage of the Ohio commutations at SL&P.

Spanking: Debra Saunders in the SF Chron gives Assemblywoman Sally Lieber a verbal spanking for her silly bill and inflated rhetoric. "I think we ought to have a law against beating children," Ms. Lieber says. We already have a law against beating children, Ms. Saunders notes.

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Re: LA Gangs--since many of the gang members are deportable alien felons, perhaps an attempt to clean up the gang problem would be to target deportable felons and (a) incarcerate them and/or (b) deport them. Seems like some pretty low-hanging fruit.

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