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The Department of Justice defends using the federal death penalty even in states that do not allow it. Specifically, in the federal trial of Larry Gooch, enforcer for D.C. drug gang M Street Crew. Gooch is on trial for the murder of 4 people, assisting in murder, shooting at an officer, and racketeering and drug charges. Concerns for using Capital Punishment in states that ban it such as D.C., are being debated. This story by Jim McElhatton of the Washington Times also explains that within the past seven years, the number of convicted federal death row inmates in states that do not have the death penalty went from 0 to 6.

Registered sex offenders in Georgia will not be able to photograph or video tape minors without the parents' permission under a bill passed in the state senate Monday according to an AP story. The bill passed 54-0 and goes to the House. If approved, "violators would be guilty of aggravated assault."

No buffer zones for sex offenders in Kansas. A news report by KMBC-TV (Kansas City) says state senate extended a moratorium "that keeps cities and municipalities from creating buffer zones for molesters." The Kansas Sex Offender Policy Board on buffer zones also showed that zones can make the offender feel isolated and want to re-offend.

Police misconduct hearings are no longer allowed by the Berkeley Police Review Commission. An article by Henry K. Lee of San Francisco Chronicle reported, "the commission's records on officer misconduct fall under the same confidentiality provisions mandated by state law and the Police Officer's Bill of Rights."

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Recent SCOTUS federalism cases prohibit this intrusion into the States' right to use its police power.

And in those states, it's a cruel and unusual punishment almost by definition. I'd even argue Ams. 9 & 10.

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