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Texas Execution

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In 1999, Frank Cobb, 71, and his wife, Bertha, 61, returned home to find a burglar there. He tied them up, shot them both in the head, and raped Mrs. Cobb. Firefighters found their bodies in the burning house. The only just punishment for such a crime was carried out today. The AP story is here. The Fifth Circuit opinion is here. There is no doubt of guilt in this case, as it was proved by DNA from the rape, and Anderson admitted guilt in an interview last week.

The Texas DCJ website indicates that Newton Anderson was received there in May, 2000, so it appears that the total review from sentence to execution was completed in less than seven years. That is getting close to what should be the norm in cases such as this.

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Now, if they could just execute Ronald Chambers, the killer who's been on the row for 31 years. The federal judiciary, including the Supreme Court, deserves a lot of blame for these interminable waits.

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