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Cognitive Mistakes and Their Relevancy to the Law


Thanks to crimepsychblog for a link to this interesting review article, titled Cognitive Science and the Law. Authors Thomas A. Busey and Geoffrey R. Loftus discuss the many fascinating areas of cognitive psychology which have great enhanced our understanding of how people process and remember information. Much of this research has shown how some aspects of police investigation are subject to imperceptible, but flawed cognitive processes, especially bias.

In one section of their paper, Busey & Loftus use the following pictorial line-up from a real case (hence, the image is public record):


Can you guess which person was most frequently cited as the suspect? Read the article and find out!


$30 to read a science & law aticle is rediculous! Why isn't this free?

Sorry, it's not up to us. The answer, though, is the top center photo.

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