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News Scan

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Death Penalty: The Missouri legislature has passed a measure which would prohibit disclosure of the identity of state executioners according to an AP story by Cheryl Wittenhauer. The bill would allow anyone, including reporters, who discloses an executioner's name to be held civilly liable. State officials believe that the new law, if signed by the Governor, would make it easier for a doctor to assist in executions without fear of publicity.

Supreme Court The Associated Press has a summary of today's action in the high court. We like the decision in Los Angeles v. Rettele.

Murder Victims barely mentioned in many news stories reporting on executions are the focus of an interesting piece in the Arizona Republic by former Deputy Attorney General Steve Twist.

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Not sure that "we like the decision in LA v. Rettele" strikes the correct tone. The plaintiffs were subjected to considerable embarassment and were completely innocent. The result is correct, as there will always be innocent people who are, unfortunately, harmed by police actions, and we as a society have to accept this risk in order to have effective policing. Of course, it is nice to see the Ninth, yet again, given a per curiam reversal.

The piece by Steve Twist was heart rending. I cannot get the image of the burning child out of my head. Why judges twist the rules to benefit people like this is beyond comprehension.

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